A Potter’s Tail

I’ll be 58 this year and I’m working on year 3 of being a full-time potter.  It feels kinda crazy some days!  When I catch myself dwelling on any particular downside to making “10s and 10s of dollars”, I think back on a Bob Dylan interview I heard on the radio while sitting at my wheel about 12 years ago.  Dylan was asked if he regretted trading his privacy for “fame” and he said flatly, “No….This is what I asked for.”  You can’t have your dream without having all that comes with it.  So you’d better be ready for it.  At least that was my take on it.  I worked damn hard to get here.  Maybe for me I needed a lifetime to be ready for it.

Or maybe I’m just crazy.

One thought on “A Potter’s Tail

  1. I’m of your ilk.. a musician.
    We are wonderfully mad dancers and
    should feel privileged to hear the music that makes us so!
    (I was at your studio on 8/19 and loved your work & space. thanks for it all!)

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